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Pre-order my brand new book (available 12th June) for only $9.97 and...

...I'll show you how I used a simple 4-step method to recover from years of fatigue and thyroid autoimmune symptoms

(while losing 10kg at home...and how you can too!)

“I was absolutely blown away by this book. From Terese being real and raw with her journey and story, her vision and mission. I had goosebumps from the first few pages. That feeling that she is a true authentic, genuine and vulnerable human being who has walked the path, and that she really cares for her audience. Mums just like me, who have a career and an autoimmune condition and at times struggle to live into their full potential due to the fatigue and other symptoms related to their illness." - Michelle L, Dubbo, Australia

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Would you like help to amplify your recovery from fatigue and thyroid autoimmune symptoms at home, naturally?

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"From Chronic To Cured"

The new 4-Step Chronic To Cured Recovery Method helping career mums finally overcome the challenges of chronic fatigue and thyroid autoimmune symptoms, naturally at home!!

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From Chronic To Cured Wellness inspires and educates women on how to support themselves at home to reduce and recover from fatigue and thyroid autoimmune symptoms, 'wholistically' (using natural methods and wholefood nutrition to recover your 'whole self' - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels).

Welcome to this space of support, advice and inspiration, to take back control of your health at home for long term wellness!

Terese Millhouse

Founder, From Chronic To Cured Wellness

Creator, 4-Step Chronic To Cured Recovery Method
Certified Wellness Coach - Fatigue and Thyroid

Reiki Practitioner


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